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Union Agway in Union, Maine is a family owned and operated store providing farm feed, pet and wild bird supplies, wood pellets, lawn and garden supplies and NOW fabricating Standing Seam Roofing for building contractors in Maine. We're a UPS drop off point too!
Union Agway Rt17 Featuring Farm feed, Standing Seam Roofing Fabrication, Wood Pellets, Lawn and Garden supplies, pet supplies.Farm, Pet, Lawn & Garden Supplies,
Wood Pellets

The Union Agway you have always shopped at for grain, black oil, flowers, pet food and lawn and garden supplies is now owned by Malcolm and Elizabeth Stewart.

Pet food, wild bird food at Union Agway.
Farm, Pet, Lawn & Garden Supplies
While we have sand and snow shovels now, we are also planning for a large supply of annuals, perennials and vegetables grown at 7 Tree Farm in Union. From puppy to old dog, kitty to cat, horse, chicken, pig, or rabbits, we've got food, hay (round and square) leashes, feeders, waterers and lots more items to last their whole lives.

We also carry garden tools, lawn chemicals, tarps, fencing, potting soil, soil ammendments, gloves and more for your whole yard!

Stop in and stock up! We will help you select the right products and help you out to your car too!

Wood Pellets

Union Agway now selling Wood Pellets by the bag or ton.
The New Big News is Union Agway is now selling Wood Pellets by the bag or ton.  These pellets are certified by the Pellet Fuel Institute as Premium Grade.
Pellets certified by the Pellet Fuel Institute as Premium Grade.

Standing Seam Roofin for Contractors

Union Agway Standing Seam fabricating.If your company is paying more than $3.10/lf., you’re paying too much!

For a limited time only save $300 off your first order! Call for details!

Standing Seam Roofing fabricated by Union Agway in Maine.

Custom cut 24 gauge steel. Installing Standing Seam Roofing.

Available in 16 colors.
Delivered to your jobsite.
Wt: 1.5 lb./sq.’
Rib height: 1-1/2” Width: 19-1/2”
40 year limited paint warranty.

Union Agway Standing Seam equipment.

Videos - How Standing Seam Steel Roofing is Fabricated:

Making Panels    Drip Edge   Inside the Machine    Exiting the Machine    Making Valleys

Union Agway

2179 Heald Hwy (Rt.17), Union ME 04862
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